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Gail Trauco

Gail Trauco

Grief Mediator & Life Cycle Coach

Grief Mediator and Life Cycle Coach


The following are letters from Gail’s clients. If you would like to submit your own testimonial, please use the contact form.

My mom and dad passed away within six weeks of each other at the beginning of this year. Needless to say, it was a very hard time for me, as I was very close to them. While talking to Gail one night, she said, “Diane hold on a second. Did your mom have a brown bowl that she used to make bread in?” I said, “Yes, it was a very heavy bowl that belonged to my grandmother.” She said, “She is showing this bowl to me, pointing at it.”

Gail Trauco psychic medium, hypnotherapistWhat Gail had no way of knowing was that my mom had been trying to give me that bowl for a while. She had started getting sick and was always trying to get me to bring it home with me. Gail said that my mom and dad’s spirits were so close, it was hard to tell one from the other. What she didn’t know, having never met my mom and dad, was that they were like that in life. They were never apart, except when one or the other was in the hospital.

She also said that my dad was showing her something with the tires on my car and saying, “You need to check your car!” She said he keeps pointing at my tires. What she had no way of knowing was that was one of the things my dad always did. When I lived out of state and would come home for a visit, he would always go out and check my tires. After talking to Gail, I looked at my tires and found I had one that was starting to separate on the tread. My dad would have been all over this if he was still here. Even in spirit, he is still looking out for me.

She told me that they were laughing and, right before she lost contact, they told her to tell me that they were fine and that they were happy. She said they danced off together as she lost contact with them. What Gail had no way of knowing was that all of my life they danced with each other in the living room nearly every morning before my dad left for work. Having this experience with Gail helped me in so many ways. It confirmed what I hoped: that they were happy and together. Knowing that has helped me move forward. I will always love them, but now I know that they are happy and together.

Some people do not believe, but I have no doubt that Gail talked to my mom and dad. I am so thankful she was able to connect with both of them. It gave me peace and helped me to move on.

– Diane Cook, LPN, Birmingham, AL

I have known Gail for a few years and each time I connect with her, she is always clear and consistent. From the first time I spoke with Gail on the phone, I felt an instant connection. When I had my first session with Gail, I had so many questions about my father, who passed. I needed the confirmation that my Dad was okay on the other side. Gail was able to identify his two career professions and how he passed. She reminded me to meditate each day and to write in my journal. Gail has such an amazing gift of receiving and sharing her visions and insights. She has helped to empower me and to remind me to be true to myself. She is extremely smart and professional while maintaining a caring, safe space during her readings and each time I speak to her.

I am a huge fan of Gail and look forward to many more spiritual readings with her.

– Angela Karratassos, Atlanta, GA

Gail Trauco, grief counseling and psychic mediumDuring my studies as a psychic medium, I’ve studied and worked with many top, highly gifted teachers and practitioners. When I met Gail, I really resonated with her approach to mediumship, since she comes from a clinical nursing background. She is very compassionate and caring, treating clients and spirits alike with respect, kindness, and dignity. Our field can be very sideshow-like
or ego-based at times, so Gail’s down-to-earth style is refreshing.

As a psychic medium, I get readings as a client from time to time. Gail relayed things about my late, maternal grandmother that were specific, personally meaningful, and full of heart. (I have to disclose that my late grandma won’t just talk to any psychic or medium. My grandma is a bit selective.) Whenever Gail has brought messages to me from my grandma, I laugh and cry – it’s all good and very healing. The thing I appreciate the most about Gail is that she treats mediumship as though it were a healing art. She’s in the business to really help people to heal their grief. Since she’s a nurse who has worked with those with terminal or serious illness, Gail gets it, when it comes to the sacredness of life. This loving intention and handling of sensitive energies is so appreciated. When my family, friends, or clients need a mediumship reading, I refer them to Gail.

– Lisa Marie Selow, Hay House author of A Rebel Chick Mystic’s Guide, Detroit, MI

A mother who loses her battle with breast cancer leaves behind her husband and two sons. The youngest son who was very close to his mother commits suicide a few years after. I knew Gail had connected with my son when she told me about his rabbit in the toy box. My wife and I ran across a photo of his prize rabbit box shortly after the reading. She also saw trains and railroads; my son worked for the railroad. Through the unique gift given to Gail Trauco, father and son know their brother is safe and happy on the other side…

– Edward Gehrke, Knoxville, TN

I recently had the privilege of meeting Gail and receiving a reading from her. I really had no idea how much of a gift I was about to receive. She connected with three of my grandparents, and she impressively was able to convey each of their messages, even though they were vying for her attention! I received numerous validating facts, such as past events, phrases, and current events that were spot on and extremely personal and detailed. She described one grandmother’s morning routine in detail of coffee, cigarettes, and watching Bob Barker on The Price is Right. She had messages for my father and my mother as well, and both of my parents were amazed with the information! I not only received detailed messages from Spirit, I also received guidance and instructions for my own life’s work. This reading was priceless – a true gift from Spirit – and I am so grateful that Gail and I have crossed paths. I wholeheartedly trust her guidance and will continue to do so in the future.

– Stephanie Joy Mitchell, Los Angeles, CA

I have always been a skeptic about certain things – psychic readings in particular. Some time ago, I decided to give in and give it a shot. Lucky for me, Gail Trauco did my reading – and she made me an absolute believer.

Gail was able to tell me all about my grandma, who passed away many years ago. What shocked me the most and truly sent chills down my spine were the small details she knew about my grandma, because Gail never knew my her.

Gail Trauco, angel therapy practitionerI knew Gail was talking with my grandmother when she described in detail my grandmother’s cornbread cooked on a hoecake pan. It was the best-tasting cornbread for miles around and was made by my grandma’s hands. No one could make cornbread as good. It was also really thin, not like cornbread you see now. If we had any left over, the family would take some home. We’d all break it up and put it in buttermilk the next day and eat it like that.

You see, my grandmother raised me and will always be the only mother I have ever known. Gail shared little details about her that brought tears to my eyes, from the frying pan she loved to fry cornbread in (something everyone raved about) to the mornings I would have to get up and hold the oven door open for her to take out her pies. She shared other things with me, like things my grandma used to say.

The reading ended with Gail telling me that my grandma was in the room with us. She pointed over my left shoulder and said that my grandma was there protecting me and that she wanted me to know that she would always be my guardian angel. The funny thing was that I could literally feel her in the room.

I was brought to tears. Needless to say, I became a believer and was once again reminded of and “reunited with” the only mother I have ever known.

 – Lori Paschall, Raleigh, NC