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Gail Trauco

Grief Mediator & Life Cycle Coach

Grief Mediator and Life Cycle Coach

When the Weather Hands You Lemons, Make Lemon Slushees!

March 30, 2015
Gail Trauco braving a NYC snowstorm

Yup, that’s me taking a selfie in the back of a NYC cab!

What do you do when the spring 2015 snowstorm results in flight cancellations on a Friday night? I could have grumbled about the nasty, wet sludge but decided to welcome it with a much-needed 24-hour mini-vacation. After being in the Northeast for five days, one free day in Manhattan was a welcome diversion.

What can a Georgia redneck do when let loose for 24 hours in Manhattan? Here’s a short list of what I learned and what I squeezed in:

  1. The only conversations I had for an entire day were with perfect strangers I met in Bloomingdale’s, Radio City, theatre lines, limos, taxis, and restaurants.
  2. I didn’t buy one thing in Bloomingdale’s. I saw what I liked, took one look at the price tag, and hightailed it back to the hotel, where I found it cheaper on Lesson learned: Do not come to NY to shop.
  3. I learned that the average New Yorker commutes 30 to 60 minutes to work each way in Manhattan. Next time I hear folks complaining about the drive to my office outside of ATL — where there’s a fishing pond, horses, and miles of walking space — I’ll tell ‘em they should thank their lucky stars they don’t have to deal with the crowds and stank smells of the NYC metro system.
  4. Past-life memories of my own prior lifetime in NY revitalized and confirmed my love of Broadway and Radio City. Ah, to have found that voice in this lifetime!
  5. Some people see one show when they come. I ventured to see two in one day: The Rockettes’ Spring Spectacular and Beautiful: The Carole King Musical. I was awestruck and starstruck by both, but then I found myself thinking, Hell, why didn’t I purse a career on Broadway? Oh, well, next lifetime!
  6. Limos are safer than cabs, but I figured a rickshaw is something you have to do at least once — and I did it in the snow even! Girlfriend, once was enough! Rickshaw riding in NYC is like living life on the edge. Perhaps their drivers should train NASCAR.
  7. I spoke three languages besides my native English. It was wonderful to be able to converse with others in their own language.
  8. I attended an event with an adult special-needs group from a local residential center. The young adults responded amazingly to the musical venue. It was wonderful to see so many wheelchair-bound hands rocking in the air! The one downer was being reminded that not everyone is respectful and tolerant of special-needs individuals. I heard one woman grumbling as she exited the venue, “I wouldn’t have come if I had known someone would have been groaning for the entire show.” We wouldn’t have come if we’d known her grumpy ass was going to be such a buzzkill!
  9. I came up with the tagline for my kids’ book.

All thanks to Delta Airlines and the spring 2015 Manhattan snowstorm. March 21, you’re a welcome date on my calendar!

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