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Gail Trauco

Gail Trauco

Grief Mediator & Life Cycle Coach

Grief Mediator and Life Cycle Coach

Hypnosis Session

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Hypnotherapy is designed to help people achieve specific goals in their lives. This form of psychotherapy has several benefits, including the reduction of stress and anxiety, clarification of goals, increased confidence, and the ability to recognize accomplishments you have already achieved. People experiencing hypnotherapy often report feeling lighter and more success-driven and find their daily challenges much less overwhelming. While a person may have the desire to change and evolve, hypnotherapy is a life force that can bring that boost of energy you may need to further your development and conquer any fears or setbacks that stand in your way.

For Gail, her transformation with weight loss led her to seek hypnotherapy as an alternative option for achieving her own success. While she was strong willed and open to lifestyle changes, there were many subconscious obstacles blocking her path to a full transition. After her own experiences receiving hypnotherapy, her achievements enhanced not only in weight loss but in her career and home life as well. Gail has been involved in hypnotherapy since 2001 and received her certification in 2008. After attending several workshops to hone her skills, she became a certified practitioner in 2008.

Price: from $250.00

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